Sunday, September 29, 2013

GoldenEye: Legend & Legacy

Last year, when I took a break from editing the GoldenEye missions, I got somewhat sidetracked by the incredibly addictive GoldenEye X. (The Perfect Dark Mod that incorporates all the GoldenEye weapons, characters, and levels, which has enabled players to re-live an enhanced experience of GoldenEye 007).

With a bit of time to kill, I downloaded the latest GoldenEye X patch, and went hunting for thrills. Coming up with twisted combinations of opponents & weapons, I've found myself playing Random arenas just for kicks...  Which led to a brief update of my GoldenEye Tribute Page to include a brief introduction to GoldenEye X, which includes a "Simulant Reference Chart"...

GoldenEye is more than just a game to me... It was a big cornerstone of my ill-spent youth, with fond memories of blasting friends to death for endless hours of harmless fun. Even guys who were "too cool" for video games were obsessing over this game, planning weekend deathmatches, or raving over the previous weekend's GoldenEye session.

Multiplayer mode of the original GoldenEye 007 contained weapon sets were frozen, a handful of single player maps, with no CPU opponents available. Despite these shortcomings, the game's Multiplayer mode was still incredible...

The things that have been done with the GoldenEye X project are simply unreal. But perhaps what's even more intriguing and awe-inspiring, is how GoldenEye X has been crafted so tastefully and elegantly. In the latest releases of  GoldenEye X, (especially with the new intro and music, displays and sound effects), the Perfect Dark atmosphere has been replaced by the classic Bond aura that we all know and love.

I definitely hope to see the Cradle and Frigate remain in future releases of the GoldenEye X patch. Even if they're imperfect, it's a thrill to have them available in the menu.

Congrats to Wreck, SubDrag, and the other skilled individuals that made GoldenEye X possible. The never-ending enjoyment of my favorite game has taken me back to a better time... A simpler time.

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