SMB3 - Alternate Messages from the King...

Fans of Super Mario Bros 3 will surely remember the special suits that Mario found throughout his adventure. The Tanooki racoon suit was a favorite, the Hammer Brother suit was incredibly cool, while the Frog Suit offered unparalleled aquatic speed and jumping ability.

In a time when video games were fairly basic, it was quite an event to discovering a hidden Easter Egg... I doubt I saw all these myself back in the 1990s... So I decided to finish a Doom Ship wearing each of the special Mario suits, to see the various messages from the King...

(Screenshots taken from Super Mario All-Stars version)

No longer a secret, but still cool to this day, completing one of the Doom Ships while still wearing one of the special suits results in a different message from the king.

Raccoon Style
Avoiding being hit to keep Mario's special suit intact is easier said than done.

The frog suit may be useful to leap over huge gaps on the Doom Ships,
but it can be a bit suicidal in tight quarters.

Do they eat frog's legs in Japan?

Hammer Brother Mario tackles a Doom Ship

The hammer suit definitely gets an odd reaction from the King...

Of course, I was curious what would happen if Mario defeated Bowser Koopa while wearing one of the special suits... Luckily, someone's already saved me a bunch of time. God bless the Internet...
YouTube Video: Super Mario Bros 3 - Bowser beaten with Tanooki suit:

by megagrey

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