The Original Super Mario Bros (NES) Revisited!

After playing through the Super Mario All-Stars version of the first Super Mario Bros, I just had to go back and play the original, unedited original for old time's sake. As usual, my antiquated Nintendo Entertainment System took a bit of shaking and swearing before it would finally load a game, and a lot of the graphics were messed up... But there was Super Mario, in all his 8-bit glory! Celebrating over a quarter century of this classic series, and taking a tour through this memorable game.

Collecting a 1Up in Style!
I still remember discovering Warp Zone for the very first time...

In World 3, the sky is ominously dark... Mario also encounters the Hammer Brothers.
These formidable foes are normally found in pairs.

In World 4, we encounter Lakitu, a new foe. I was thrilled to find out that I could stomp him from a high place, or alternatively, shoot him out of the sky with fireballs.

Going Underground as Fire Mario

A hidden beanstalk always leads somewhere cool...

Mario discovers the second "Warp Zone"

Bowser's Castle also starts sending Mario for a loop starting in World 4, with a maze that needs to be followed in the correct order to move onto the next part.

Our Princess is in another castle, huh?
Never heard that one before...

World 5 marks the appearance of Bullet Bill Cannons, as Mario makes his way closer to Fort Bowser.

The oversized fire trap in this castle is an unpleasant surprise...

Night worlds are always extra spooky...

Just as you think you've got Bowser figured out, he starts firing hammers from his head! Another nasty trend that begins in World 6.

This memorable gap in World 8 requires damn-near perfect timing...

Nearing Bowser's Castle, Fire Mario eliminates an annoying Hammer Brother.

In the final castle, the last guard standing between Mario and Bowser is a Hammer Brother

It's showtime. Let's give Bowser the curtain call.

Defeating the Koopa King and saving the Princess...
All in a day's work for everyone's favorite plumber.