Thursday, December 20, 2018

Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

Do the Frog Suit!
I always keep a sharp eye when browsing through secondhand junk... For five bucks, I snagged the entire animated series of SMB3.

Thwomp definitely takes pride in his work.
My favorite part of the show was seeing the 8-bit baddies brought to life as cartoon characters on my Saturday morning TV screen.

 The joys of torturing younger siblings...

With a castle full of spoiled teenagers, the Koopa Klan is about as dysfunctional as The Osbournes.

Princess Toadstool aboard the Doom Ship
with King Koopa and his minions.
The Princess is captured, yet again...Who didn't see that one coming?

"The dungeon???"
In fan favorite episode "Kootie Pie Rocks", Bowser finally has enough of his daughter's over-dramatic temper tantrums and threatens to lock her ass in the dungeon... Now that's just good parenting.