Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Mario Madness...

NES - Super Mario Bros.  (2nd Quest) World 8
by DarkEvil87
While playing Super Mario All-Stars, after completing the second quest in the original Super Mario Bros, I was curious to see if the revised ending was anything like the original NES game...

(Countless years of experiencing with mind-enhancing video games has left anything played in the 80's to be pretty hazy)

I was lucky enough to find footage of possibly one of the best NES Mario players out there, finishing the game in style, and conquering the entire 8th world in 4.46.

The sickest footage of the clip is at 1.49, where he performs delicate hops to avoid criss-crossing Bullet Bills and a Buzzy Beetle, while alternately nabbing coins from a multi-coin block between jumps. You gotta see it to believe it! If you're an oldschool Mario fan, take 5 minutes to re-live the Mario adventure that started it all.

Super Mario Bros (2nd Quest) World 8
by DarkEvil87

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